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Wrist Sprains - How To Find Trigger Points

Posted by Christopher Hamze on

  Trigger Point Overview - Wrist Extensors   Trigger points in the wrist extensor muscles are incredibly common and are often related to repetitive strain injuries, primarily associated with gripping. In some cases, these trigger points (left untreated) may be the cause of more complex injuries. An example of this is a situation that we often see with long-distance drivers. In these cases, the trigger points evolve over time as a result of repetitive use of the hands to squeeze and operate the steering wheel and gears. The trigger points cause the muscles in the wrist extensors to become shorter...

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Vacuum Cupping for Lateral Elbow Pain

Posted by Graeme Turofsky on

Trigger Point Therapy - Vacuum Cupping for Treating Lateral Elbow Pain   Lateral Elbow Pain is Often Associated with Trigger Points  Trigger points are really common in the elbow and forearm muscles; this may well be connected to our increased sedentary and technology-based lifestyles. Needless to say, as hands-on therapists, we too often get tense and stiff forearm muscles. Why trigger points? Our body tries to protect us. It wants the trauma to heal and often “switches-of” around “damaged tissue.” Trigger points are a key part of this protect-and-defend mechanism. However, if a problem isn t managed correctly, it can crescendo and...

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