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How To Find Trigger Points in the Masseter (Ear and Jaw Pain)

Posted by Julian Knight on

    How To Find Trigger Points - Masseter    ActiveTrigger Points in the Masseter Can Cause Ear, Tooth, and Jaw Pain The masseter is a powerful workhorse muscle that we use almost continually and can occasionally get overworked. Trigger points may form and become active in the masseter under the following conditions: Trismus (severely restricted jaw), TMJ pain, tension/stress headache, ear pain, ipsilateral tinnitus, dental pain, bruxism, sinusitis pain, puffiness under the eyes (often present in singers), Chewing gum, prolonged dental work, stress, emotional tension, head-forward occupational postures.   There are typically 1-4 groups of trigger points found in the masseter muscle...

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