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Trigger Point Therapy | Knee Pain | Treating Popliteus

Posted by Julian Knight on

The deep location of popliteus and it's relatively small size, mean that it is often overlooked! The popliteus muscle is a fairly small muscle located behind the knee. It runs from the lateral side (outside) of the femur to the medial side of the tibia, lying deep beneath the main calf muscle (gastrocnemius). Its role is to unlock the knee just after the heel touches the ground when you are walking or running, so that you can slightly bend the knee and absorb the impact created while hitting the ground (what runner's call the "heel strike").   Soft Tissue Therapy -...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Popliteus and Knee Pain

Posted by Julian Knight on

    Popliteus - an often overlooked muscle that takes a lot of abuse       Left untreated, trigger points in popliteus can lead to a number of more serious complications Machine-based exercise, such as prone leg curls, can over-stress the popliteus, causing spasm and diminished screw-home capability. This, in turn, can lead to inhibition of the piriformis and deep hip rotators, with hyperextension at the knee. Shortness of the muscle can be confirmed by observing slight flexion and internal rotation of the anatomical leg.   Popliteus - Common Trigger Point Site   Knee Pain and Stiffness The popliteus...

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Knee Pain - Don't Forget Popliteus

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

  Popliteus - Trigger Point Anatomy Overview and Runner's Knee   Trigger points in the popliteus are often associated with knee pain, and too often overlooked The tendon from the origin of the popliteus lies inside the capsule of the knee joint. Many people are unaware of the trigger point that typically develops in the centre of the popliteus. In the video above, we explain the popliteus anatomy as it relates to trigger points.  Watch the video to the end for additional information about popliteus and runner's knee. About Popliteus: ORIGIN Lateral surface of lateral condyle of femur. Oblique popliteal...

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