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About Us

Niel Asher Education is a leader in the provision of continued professional development courses and micro-learning products for massage therapists, manual therapists and fitness professionals.

We are passionate about serving therapists and healthcare workers who view their career as a daily journey of learning and self improvement.

We are also passionate about the exploration, discovery and learning of natural alternative therapies.

Our mission is to provide affordable, first class education.

Experience Counts

Our teaching faculty and administrative staff combine to create Team NAT and represent the values that we've been upholding for nearly 25 years.

Meet the team.

Modality Agnostic

Within alternative healthcare many professionals are taught to work within artificial boundaries (acupuncturists - needle, chiropractors - manipulate, massage therapists - massage). That's always seemed a bit odd to us, and simply wrong.

So, if there's an awesome osteopathic technique that falls within the scope of practice of massage therapists, we're going to do our best to make that technique available to as many massage therapists as possible.

If there's a terrific trigger point technique that carers can use to help relieve pain for arthritis sufferers, we're going to do our best to provide courses to educate and inform carers everywhere.

We design our courses to help you push the boundaries always within your scope of practice.

Smashing Barriers

The main barriers to education are cost and time. Our distance learning courses are designed to provide you with all the tools that you need to study from home, affordably, and to learn the skills that help you expand your knowledge and your business.

No travel costs, no time away from work, and a totally flexible approach to learning that makes full use of technology and the internet. And the best use of your time.

It's a Small World

We create and teach within a global community of engaged and dedicated healthcare and fitness professionals.

A tightly knitted community committed to continuing its learning and professional development, always with an emphasis on, and a desire for, natural alternative therapies.

As Team NAT, we focus every day on providing high value, low cost accredited education, that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Wherever you are.

Expanding Horizons

We invest every single day in improving our courses and every aspect of our business where we interact with you. We want you to love your experience dealing with us, and (hopefully) recommend us to your colleagues.

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Welcome to Niel Asher Education and NAT Global Campus.

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Niel Asher Education provides a broad range of continuing education courses suitable for healthcare and fitness professionals worldwide.

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