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MARCH 2023

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NAT Global Campus welcomes Dr Joi Edwards

Dr Joi Edwards earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2007 from Hampton University.

Since that time she has earned a deserved reputation as both a practicing therapist and forward thinking educator, both in the classic classroom setting and online.

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Anatomy of Stretching

We have added over 3.5 hours of new video to this course to complement the 200 page fully illustrated course workbook. Great for Massage Therapists, Manual Therapists, Fitness Professionals.

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Free access to 60,000+ blogs, videos and articles related to massage and manual medicine. Search or filter by muscle or condition to discover latest content and access the full free archive.

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Treatment Room Secrets

NAT's Dani Marks hops from city to city to meet guests from the world of athletic training, massage and physical therapy all with tales to tell and ready to reveal what really goes on in treatment rooms.

The good, the bad and the ugly.


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