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NAT Foundation in Gua Sha (5 hrs)

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NAT Foundation in Gua Sha

Immerse yourself in the ancient world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with our comprehensive Gua Sha course, meticulously designed for holistic health practitioners. Explore the profound roots of Gua Sha and unlock its therapeutic potential under the expert guidance of Dr Constance Bradley.

The essence of this course lies in fostering a deep comprehension of the historical and cultural significance of Gua Sha, intertwined with practical hands-on learning. We weave the threads of East and West, providing a balanced perspective on Gua Sha's applications in both traditional and contemporary medical practices.

Our Gua Sha course illuminates the art and science of treating a range of conditions using this effective modality. Whether you aim to alleviate chronic pain, boost blood circulation, or reduce inflammation, understanding Gua Sha will significantly enhance your therapeutic toolkit.

Under the insightful guidance of Dr Constance Bradley, you'll master the correct Gua Sha techniques for different areas of the body. Her step-by-step demonstrations are more than just surface-level instruction; they imbue you with the knowledge and confidence to apply these techniques within your own practice.

The curriculum also empowers you with valuable assessment skills to determine when and where to apply Gua Sha in a therapeutic context. We believe that understanding the 'why' is just as critical as the 'how,' so we delve into the rationale and myriad health benefits associated with Gua Sha.

Course Objectives

  1. Grasp the rich historical background and significance of TCM and Gua Sha.
  2. Understand the core purpose and meaning of Gua Sha.
  3. Differentiate Gua Sha's applications in Eastern and Western medical contexts.
  4. Learn to treat specific conditions effectively using Gua Sha.
  5. Develop a comprehensive understanding of when and why to use Gua Sha.
  6. Discover the diverse health benefits associated with Gua Sha.
  7. Master practical Gua Sha techniques for different body areas.

Journey with us into the heart of this revered healing technique. Gain valuable insights, practical knowledge, and the confidence to integrate Gua Sha into your therapeutic practice.

About the Course Presenter: Dr Constance Bradley

Dr. Constance Bradley, L.Ac., PhD, is a distinguished faculty member with a diverse academic and professional background. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy, the University of Colorado, and the University of Utah (PhD). Dr. Bradley has also earned an MA in Acupuncture from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture.

What's included?

  • Fully illustrated course text
  • Video classes presented by Dr. Constance Bradley
  • Exam and certification
  • Lifetime access


English, French, German, Spanish

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