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Trigger Points and Sciatic Type Pain - Gluteus Minimus

Posted by Judith Winer on

Gluteus Muscles   Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner   Video Notes In the video above, NAT Presenter Dr. Jonathan Kuttner shows how to locate trigger points in the Gluteus Minimus, and explains the connection with sciatica and sciatic-type pain. Whilst the Gluteus Minimus is a small muscle, its active trigger points can cause extremely painful symptoms.  Trigger points in this muscle are a common cause of "sciatic" type pain. So much so that Dr. Janet Travell referred to the gluteus minimus as the "Psuedo-Sciatica" muscle.  Medical Doctors will often be unaware of trigger points and will typically refer...

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Hip Mobility Exercises

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  NAT Presenter Mike McGurn Demonstrates 4 Awesome Hip Mobility Exercises   More about Mike McGurn ...   The Dangers and Limitations of Poor Flexibility  Tight, stiff muscles limit our normal range of movement. A lack of flexibility (tight muscles) can be a key contributing factor to common muscle and joint pain. A severe lack of flexibility can mean it is difficult to perform what should be ordinary daily functions such as bending down to pick something from the floor, or looking over our shoulder. Simply put - tight and stiff muscles interfere with proper muscle action. If the muscles cannot contract...

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5 Awesome Exercises for Activating the Glutes

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Glute Activation Exercises using Speed Bands   Links Find a Trigger Point Professional in your area More Articles About ITB Syndrome More Articles About Knee Pain More Articles About Hip Injuries and Treatment Online Hip Course - Stuart Hinds Dry Needling for Trigger Points NAT Professional Courses Certify as a Trigger Point Therapist Trigger Point Workbooks    About NAT Courses As a manual therapist or exercise professional, there is only one way to expand your business - education! Learning more skills increases the services that you offer and provides more opportunity for specialization. Every NAT course is designed to...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Gluteus Minimus

Posted by Team NAT on

    Treating Gluteus Minimus - Stuart Hinds   [Greek gloutos, buttock; Latin minimus, smallest] The gluteus minimus is situated anteroinferior and deep to the gluteus medius, whose fibers obscure it. Origin Outer surface of ilium between anterior and inferior gluteal lines. Insertion Anterior border of greater trochanter. Action Abducts, medially rotates, and may assist in flexion of hip joint. Antagonists: lateral rotator group. Nerve Superior gluteal nerve, L4, 5, S1. Basic Functional Movement Example: stepping sideways over an object, such as a low fence.   Gluteus Minimus - Common Trigger Point Sites and Referred Pain Patterns   Referred Pain...

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