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Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner


Video Notes

In the video above, NAT Presenter Dr. Jonathan Kuttner shows how to locate trigger points in the Gluteus Minimus, and explains the connection with sciatica and sciatic-type pain.

Whilst the Gluteus Minimus is a small muscle, its active trigger points can cause extremely painful symptoms. 

Trigger points in this muscle are a common cause of "sciatic" type pain. So much so that Dr. Janet Travell referred to the gluteus minimus as the "Psuedo-Sciatica" muscle. 

Medical Doctors will often be unaware of trigger points and will typically refer patients for MRI scans. When these scans are negative, doctors are often left at a loss to identify the cause of the pain.

Where the cause of the pain is identified as active trigger points in this muscle, the condition may be treated effectively and in most cases quite swiftly, by a trained therapist. 

Therapists should be aware that trigger points in gluteus minimus are often part of a broader and more complex pattern of injury.


Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points


Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points and Referred Pain Maps






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