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Understanding Muscle Energy Techniques (METs)

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

   Muscle Energy Techniques Explained   What are METs and how and when should they be used? The purpose of today's blog is to explain the role of muscle energy techniques (METs) and to provide you with a clear understanding of when and why to employ this type of treatment. Manual therapists usually have a toolbox of various techniques at their disposal to help release and relax muscles, which will then assist the client's body to promote the healing mechanisms. METs, first described by Mitchell in 1948, are one such tool that if used correctly can have a major influence on the client's well-being.  ...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Muscle Strengthening

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

Strengthening the muscles improves their tolerance and stamina to exercise. Keeping muscles strong can relieve pain, improve the function of muscles with trigger points, and prevent further injury. As a rule, strengthening a muscle occurs when you hold maximal muscle contraction for 5–10 seconds. Types of Strengthening Here we will talk about two types of strengthening exercise—isometric and isotonic—although others exist. Isometric Strengthening Isometric exercises keep the joints in the same position and are non-traumatic. They are relatively simple to perform, require very little equipment, and do not require any previous fitness experience. They are a great first place to start...

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