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Treating the Iliotibial Band (ITB) | Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) | Hip Restrictions

Posted by Judith Winer on

Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)       Tensor Fasciae Latae - Sports Massage - Stuart Hinds     TFL Trigger Points - Pain can refer midway down the lateral thigh and will often radiate to the knee The tensor fasciae latae (TFL) is a vitally important structure in providing stability through the knee and pelvis. This muscle is a junction for several chains, including the spiral and lateral chains. The anteromedial fibers are responsible for flexion of the thigh, while the posterolateral fibers provide stability to the knee.   Treating TFL Trigger Points - Stuart Hinds         The tensor...

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How to Stretch for the IT Band

Posted by Julian Knight on

Stretching for the IT Band Post Play/Workout     The soft tissue structure of the ITB has been shown through research not to change in length by even 1% using almost one ton of pressure I consider the following MET an appropriate procedure to be included within a treatment plan, as I feel that it will assist in some way to alter the “tone” of the TFL muscle, rather than altering the length of the connective tissue component, i.e. the ITB. It makes a lot more sense to me to use the PIR effect of METs on the TFL muscle,...

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Trigger Point Therapy - ITB Syndrome

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  ITB Syndrome - Taping is Often Applied Post Treatment to Provide an Off-Loading Effect       ITB Syndrome .... there are no "magic cures" but in most cases trigger point therapy can have profound effects I've been fortunate to have been working with elite athletes for the past 20 years, including the provision of soft tissue support for the Australian Olympic teams at the last four Olympic games. Together with my colleagues we've been faced with the need to treat 1000's of cases of ITB Syndrome, and whilst there's still much that we don't know about this injury, we have...

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Effective Cupping for ITB

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

   ITB Syndrome - Vacuum Cupping Treatment   Links Find a Trigger Point Professional in your area More Articles About Hip Pain ITB Syndrome Trigger Point Therapy - Cupping Course Corrective Exercises for Hip and Shoulder Treating Hip Pain and Dysfunction NAT Professional Courses Certify as a Trigger Point Therapist Membership            

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Trigger Point Therapy - Gmed Causing MCL Pain and Meniscal Pain

Posted by Team NAT on

  Treating Trigger Points - Gluteus Medius (GMed)   How can a weakness of the glutes be responsible for knee pain? There are a number of factors regarding the Gmed that need to be taken into account when we are looking at medial or lateral knee pain. “Medial knee drift,” which is a valgus position of the tibiofemoral joint and, less common, “lateral knee drift” which is a varus position of the tibiofemoral joint. When a client consults their therapist with knee pain, they might have been told that one of the causes of their knee pain is a weakness found in the Gmax or...

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