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Treating Lower Limb Injuries

Posted by Judith Winer on

  Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome           How to prevent common leg and foot injuries - Stuart Hinds    Many common lower limb injuries could be avoided Research has shown that more than half (54%) of sports related injuries refer to the lower extremities. Just about anyone who is regularly active will be familiar with or know someone who has suffered with runner's knee, shin splints, foot and ankle pain. Whilst these injuries may often stem from a complex chain, or from trauma, many common "over-use" injuries of the lower limbs are predictable and could be avoided....

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Vacuum Cupping - Treating Calf Pain

Posted by Julian Knight on

  Vacuum Cupping - Treating Calf Pain       Links Vacuum Cupping Course Find a Trigger Point Professional in your area Treating Gastrocnemius Dry Needling for Trigger Points NAT Professional Courses Certify as a Trigger Point Therapist Membership Plans   About NAT Courses As a manual therapist or exercise professional, there is only one way to expand your business - education! Learning more skills increases the services that you offer and provides more opportunity for specialization. Every NAT course is designed to build on what you already know, to empower you to treat more clients and grow your practice, with...

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Tips to Keep the Calf Muscles Healthy and Pain Free!

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

  How to Avoid Injury by Stretching the Calf Muscles After Workout     Calf Muscle Stretch - Find the Way That Works for You! Watch the video above to get the concept and try the stretch demonstrated by Dani. If you're not quite able to get into that position (comfortably and without pain) try this slightly easier version (see below):      Technique: Stand upright and place one foot in front of the other. Bend your front leg and keep your back leg straight. Push your heel to the ground and lean forward. Place your hands on the ground...

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