Soft Tissue Therapy for Nerve Entrapments

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Treating the Hamstrings - A Common Sports Injury

Hamstring Injury   Ultimately, the hamstrings are trying to be gluteal muscles, while the lumbar muscles are trying to be hamstrings The hamstrings eccentrically contract during gait in order to...
Healthy "Hammies" - Trigger Point Therapy

Healthy "Hammies" - Trigger Point Therapy

  The Hamstring Muscles   Hamstrings - Trigger Point Anatomy Because the hamstrings have their origin at the sitting bones - Long periods of sitting may affect their function  We...
Treating the Hamstring Muscles in Runners

Treating the Hamstring Muscles in Runners

  The Hamstring Muscles       Treating the Hamstrings - Stuart Hinds   Notes for the Video Above: Although it has become common to refer to the long muscles...

Treating Trigger Points in the Biceps Femoris

The Hamstring Muscles     Treating Trigger Points in Short Head Biceps Femoris - Stuart Hinds     During running, the hamstrings slow down the leg at the end of...