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Low Back Pain - Slump Test and Nerve Flossing

Posted by Judith Winer on

The Slump Test is Performed in a Series of Steps   Paul Townley (PT) Describes the Slump Test and Nerve Flossing     The Slump Test:   The Slump Test can be described as a test used to detect altered neurodynamic sensitization of neural tissue. It can be a helpful adjunct in testing neural dynamics because emphasis can be placed at different points along the full length of the neural continuum from the top-most part of the spinal cord down to the toes.   To carry out the test, the patient is seated with hands behind back to aid in...

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Treating Sciatic Pain - The Slump Test

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

  Assessing Sciatic Pain - Stuart Hinds   Assessing Sciatic Nerve Pain - The Slump Test As a general rule, we apply the Slump test as a follow up to the Straight Leg Raise test. We do not use the Slump test as the "go to" test when assessing sciatic pain. We will invariably start with the straight leg raise. Where a straight leg raise evokes a positive response, do not continue to the Slump test. Please see the video above for details. Slump test is easy to apply and is a simple way to put the sciatic nerve under gradually increasing...

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