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Trigger Points - Healthy "Hammies"

Posted by Judith Winer on

  Hamstrings - Trigger Point Anatomy   Because the hamstrings have their origin at the sitting bones - Long periods of sitting may affect their function  We rely on our hamstring muscles for walking, jogging, running and jumping. These are the workhorse muscles that enable us to flex our knees and extend our hips at the beginning of each step that we take.  When we are walking, jogging or running, our hamstrings are antagonists to the quadriceps muscles in the action of deceleration of knee extension.  Anatomy The hamstrings consist of three muscles. From medial to lateral they are the semimembranosus,...

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Soccer Related Injuries - Know Your Anatomy

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

 Dani Marks - Pre-Match Preparation Exercises   Approximately 280,000 athletes were treated in hospital emergency rooms for soccer-related injuries in 2018, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Already the most popular international team sport, soccer continues to gain popularity in the United States. With more people playing soccer, it is not surprising that the number of soccer-related injuries is increasing — particularly as children get older and their level of play intensifies. Sprains and strains, often around the knee and ankle, are very common in soccer. Player collisions — either full body or kick collisions — can cause a...

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