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Head and Neck Pain - Tension Type Headaches

Posted by Judith Winer on

  Trigger Point Anatomy - Occipitalis   Tension headaches are remarkably common - but do you really need to turn to drugs for pain relief? Tension headaches are the most common type of headache we experience. While they don’t link to any underlying medical condition they can be debilitating and distressing to sufferers. Too often the given solution is to mask this pain with medication but the root cause is typically muscle tension, itself often resulting from stress - so these are headaches that can usually be addressed successfully with massage and manual therapy techniques.     Trigger Points Trigger points (tight...

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Trigger Point Therapy - 5 Step Neck Technique

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

Treating Occipitalis Trigger Points - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner   Ischemic Compression Technique    Trigger Points and Common Neck Pain Trigger point therapy is not a miracle cure but it can sometimes seem that way, especially when we bring relief to long term sufferers of common conditions such as neck pain. This simple 5 step sequential technique (outlined below), can be extremely effective for both short and long term relief.   This standard approach may be effective for chronic tension and neck ache, stress headache, cervical spine pain, and whiplash. Trigger point therapy can be very effective for this region. Thanks to various studies...

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