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The Biopsychosocial Model - Assessment and Treatment

Posted by Judith Winer on

 The Biopsychosocial Model | Assessment and Treatment | Manual Therapy Tutorial, Paul Townley     For many years back pain, for example, was considered via a biomedical model whereby pain is a result of a problem at a specific site or structure.  Therefore, by addressing a specific painful area with a specific technique, the problem should decrease—the idea being that “If I push here, and it hurts, then this structure must be responsible, so if I push it in this direction, it will eventually hurt less”.    This theory has recently become less supported empirically. While aspects of the biomedical model may...

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CE Booster - The Real Benefits of Online Learning

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Stuart Hinds (4 x Olympic) Soft Tissue Therapist - "Why Online Learning is Just Fabulous!"   Take advantage of CE by choosing right, and make your investment work for you! Just about every therapist is required to complete some form of annual or bi-annual continued education (CE). In essence, CE is a terrific idea, designed to ensure that therapists invest time in learning new techniques and keeping up with latest developments in the very dynamic world of manual therapy. Benefit or Burden? Unfortunately, over the years, many therapists have understandably come to regard CE as a burden, rather than a...

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