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Trigger Point Treatment - Serratus Posterior Inferior

Posted by Judith Winer on

  Serratus Posterior Inferior Muscle   Serratus Posterior Inferior is an often overlooked cause of lower back pain This muscle may be primarily a muscle of proprioception but it's important to remember that it also acts as a supporting structure for the lower back, stabilizing the four lower ribs and assisting in pulling them down and back. The importance of the serratus posterior inferior is often forgotten and tightness and trigger points tend to be overlooked. Kinetics The serratus posterior inferior works in conjunction with the iloicostalis, longissimus thoracis, and quadratus lumborum. It may also work with the serratus posterior superior...

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Serratus Posterior Superior | Serratus Posterior Inferior | Shoulder Pain | Back Pain

Posted by Judith Winer on

  Serratus Posterior Superior and Serratus Posterior Inferior The video tutorial below covers the Serratus Posterior Superior (SPS) and Serratus Posterior Inferior (SPI) muscles as they relate to trigger points. The SPS and SPI are two different muscles, but they are mirror images of each other.          About Serratus Posterior Superior and Inferior The name comes from the Latin, Serratus meaning saw-like and posterior meaning “coming after” as in the back side of something. With superior and inferior meaning above and below. Winglike in shape, the superior is situated at the upper part of the posterior thorax, while the...

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