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Trigger Point Therapy - Transversus Abdominis

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

  Abdominal Pain and Trigger Points - Overview     All abdominal muscles work on a moment-to-moment basis as we move, providing the tension required to translate forces from the lower limbs to the upper limbs.    Transversus Abdominis - Common Trigger Point Sites     The transversus abdominis is the deepest of these muscles, and each one (right and left) wraps up the organs horizontally. Transversus abdominis fascial attachments include the lumbar vertebrae, ribcage, iliac crest, and inguinal ligament. The muscle also connects directly into the linea alba, furnishing a link between the xiphoid process, pyramidalis, and pubic bone....

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Trigger Point Therapy - Rectus Abdomini

Posted by Judith Winer on

Trigger Point Anatomy - Rectus Abdomini     Trigger points in the rectus abdomini are often associated with lower back pain The rectus abdominis flexes the lumbar spine, depresses the rib cage and stabilizes pelvis during walking.  This is the muscle which is activated while doing so-called "crunches" because it pulls the ribs and the pelvis in, and curves the back.     Rectus Abdominis - Trigger Point Referred Pain Maps   These muscles are also used when a child is delivered, during bowel movements, and coughing.  When this muscle is exercised and layers of fat disappear from the abdomen,...

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Treating Trigger Points - The Obliques

Posted by Graeme Turofsky on

  The Obliques - Trigger Point Anatomy      Trigger Points in the Obliques can be the Cause of Stomach, Chest, or Groin Pain The posterior fibers of the external oblique are usually overlapped by the latissimus dorsi, but in some cases there is a space between the two, known as the lumbar triangle, situated just above the iliac crest. The lumbar triangle is a weak point in the abdominal wall.   External Oblique - Common Trigger Point Sites   ORIGIN Lower eight ribs. INSERTION Anterior half of iliac crest, and into an abdominal aponeurosis that terminates in the linea alba...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Stomach Stretches

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

Lumbar Extension, Abdominal Stretch     100% ONLINE SEE COURSE DETAILS   Stomach Muscle Stretching - Anatomy  The anterior abdominal wall muscles occur between the ribs and the pelvis, encircling the internal organs, and act to support the trunk, permit movement (primarily flex and rotate the lumbar spine), and support the lower back. There are three layers of muscle, with fibers running in the same direction as the corresponding three layers of muscle in the thoracic wall.     Transversus Abdominis The deepest layer consists of the transversus abdominis, whose fibers run approximately horizontally. Transversus abdominis spans around the trunk...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Rectus Abdominis Trigger Points

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Rectus Abdominis - Trigger Points   Active Trigger Points in the Rectus Abdominis muscles can refer pain to back and across the mid-line.  Whereas trigger points typically refer pain to the side of the body in which they are located, rectus abdominis trigger points are known to sometimes refer pain bilaterally. These trigger points are relatively common and may develop either as a result of sedentary lifestyle or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, as a result of over-use or poor exercise technique. In many cases pain will be referred to the lower and mid back. In other...

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