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How To Treat Trigger Points - Clinical Guidance

Posted by Christopher Hamze on

  How To Treat Trigger Points - Clinical Guidance   Best Practice Guidelines for Treating Trigger Points Paul Townley provides an overview of current best practice guidelines for treating and releasing trigger points. This includes assessment and common treatment techniques including deep stroking massage; the use of trigger point tools; ischemic compression technique; MET and various forms of stretching.Paul holds a Masters Degree (MSc) in Neuromusculoskeletal medicine, and is a member of the Manipulative Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and the International Federation of Manipulative Therapy.Paul is qualified as an ESP (Extended Scope Practitioner) and a university lecturer and teacher in...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Ischemic Compression Technique

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

    Ischemic Compression Technique - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner MD   Online Courses   Trigger Point Therapy Doesn't Usually Need to be Painful There's a common myth that trigger point release must be painful. Whilst there are times when the treatment can be painful, as a general rule, it shouldn't be! Learning painless trigger point release, or at least applying techniques that minimise and cause little pain, is very important. Like everything, this requires a little bit of patience, and plenty of practice. One great way to practice, as a therapist, is on yourself. You will quickly master the art...

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