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Blogs and Articles — Pectoralis Muscles

Trigger Point Release - Biceps/Pec Minor Muscle Strain

Posted by Judith Winer on

  Biceps Muscle       Trigger Point Release - Biceps Muscle Strain / Tendinitis   Bicipital Tendinitis Bicipital tendinitis results from irritation and inflammation to the biceps brachii tendon, which lies on the front of the shoulder and allows elbow flexion and supination of the forearm. Overuse can lead to inflammation and is a common affliction in golfers, weightlifters, rowers and those engaged in throwing sports. Irritation of the tendon of the long head of biceps occurs as it moves up and down in the intertubercular (bicipital) groove of the humerus. Inflammation can be to the tendon itself or...

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Pectoralis Minor | Trigger Point Release Therapy | Anatomy

Posted by Judith Winer on

This thin, flat muscle connects the ribs to the shoulder blade, and can be difficult to palpate, as it is under the Pectoralis major           The Pectoralis minor pulls down the coracoid process, which pulls the shoulder blade forward and down whenever you push, punch, or raise your arm out to the side (abduction) and return it to the starting position (adduction). The muscle helps produce shoulder blade rotation against resistance. When the shoulder blade is fixed, the pectoralis minor becomes an accessory muscle when inhaling during deep upper chest breathing, often during respiratory distress. This thin,...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Pectoralis Major

Posted by Graeme Turofsky on

  Pectoralis Major - Trigger Point Overview     Active Trigger Points in Pectoralis Major are Common - and Relatively Simple to Treat Trigger points in pectoralis major are common and may be associated with a number of painful disorders including  mid-scapular back pain, breast pain and hypersensitivity, thoracic outlet syndrome, anterior shoulder pain, golfer’s and tennis elbow, chest pain, chronic fatigue, and hyperventilation syndrome.   Pectoralis Major - Common Trigger Point Pain Maps     Pec major trigger points are typically posture related but may also be caused by heavy lifting, chilling of muscle in air conditioning, immobilization of shoulder...

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Chest Pain - Trigger Points or a More Serious Underlying Cause?

Posted by Julian Knight on

    Chest and arm pain may be the symptoms of a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention - but the underlying cause may also be trigger points in the pecs Chest or Breast pain can be extremely worrying and there are indeed some types of chest pain that should signal an immediate trip to thee emergency room. If you do experience pressure, discomfort or pain in the central of your chest or in the arms, back, jaw, neck or abdomen — possibly accompanied with a cold sweat, a feeling of nausea, sudden fatigue, light headedness or a shortness of breath, and this...

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Stretching for Pain Relief - Pectoralis Major and Minor

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Two Great Exercises for Loosening the Pecs   Trigger points in the Pectoralis muscles are common and often develop as a result of poor posture or overload Along with the pectoralis minor, the pectoralis major forms the anterior wall of the axilla. The pectoralis major can develop multiple trigger points. These typically refer pain across the anterior deltoid and down the lateral aspect of the arm into the thumb and fourth and fifth digits. These trigger points may, in rare cases, mimic the symptoms of angina. Pain from these trigger points can also be felt as interscapular and subscapular...

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