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Shin Splints - Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome






How to prevent common leg and foot injuries - Stuart Hinds


Many common lower limb injuries could be avoided

Research has shown that more than half (54%) of sports related injuries refer to the lower extremities.

Just about anyone who is regularly active will be familiar with or know someone who has suffered with runner's knee, shin splints, foot and ankle pain.

Whilst these injuries may often stem from a complex chain, or from trauma, many common "over-use" injuries of the lower limbs are predictable and could be avoided.

In the video above, Stuart Hinds describes the most common causes, and the best ways to keep your lower limbs in good shape!


Injury Prevention



Great Exercises for Common Calf Injuries - Dani Marks


In the video tutorial above we present exercises recommended for helping to avoid shin splints and common calf injuries. These same exercises are also often recommended for rehabilitation with attention paid to proper technique and correct and safe setting of resistance levels. Whilst there is no guarantee of avoiding injuries of the calf or shin splints, these can sensibly be minimised by reinforcing the structures of the lower limb including the muscles of the calf and the muscles that work around the shin.   











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