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Exercises and Stretches — Quads

Kneeling Quad Stretch

Posted by Judith Winer on

    Technique: • Kneel on one foot • Place your hands on your hips • Push your hips forward • If necessary, hold on to something to keep balance   Primary muscles: Iliacus. Psoas major and minor. Secondary muscles: Rectus femoris. Sartorius.   Injury where stretch may be useful: Hip flexor strain. Avulsion fracture in the pelvic area. Osteitis pubis. Iliopsoas tendonitis. Trochanteric bursitis. Quadriceps strain. Quadriceps tendonitis.   Note: You can increase the intensity of this stretch by pushing your hips forward. If necessary, place a towel or mat under your knee for added comfort.      ...

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Quadriceps Stretch

Posted by Judith Winer on

    Technique Stand on one foot, holding the back of a chair/wall to balance With your free hand, hold the ankle of the stretching leg behind you Pull your heel towards your bottom until you feel a strong stretch in the front of your thigh   How Often? Hold for 30secs. Repeat three times, twice daily             EDUCATION MEMBERSHIP PLANS UNLIMITED ACCESS FROM $19.95/monthly          

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