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Exercises and Stretches — Semispinalis Thoracis

Standing Back Rotation Stretch

Posted by Judith Winer on

    Technique: Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart Place your hands across your chest while keeping your back and shoulders upright. Slowly rotate your shoulders to one side   Primary muscles: Semispinalis thoracis. Spinalis thoracis. Longissimus thoracis. Iliocostalis thoracis. Iliocostalis lumborum. Multifidus. Rotatores. Intertransversarii. Interspinales. Secondary muscles: Quadratus lumborum. External and internal obliques.   Injury where stretch may be useful: Back muscle strain. Back ligament sprain. Abdominal muscle strain (obliques).   Note: To increase the intensity of this stretch use your hands to help you rotate sideways.           EDUCATION MEMBERSHIP PLANS UNLIMITED ACCESS...

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