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Correct vs Incorrect Human Posture

Challenges to Optimal Core Function - Habituation

  Correct vs Incorrect Human Posture   What is Habituation? One of the biggest challenges to maintaining optimal core function is that of "habituation".  Habituation occurs as a result of...
The Importance of the Functional Core - Pilates

The Importance of the Functional Core - Pilates

Pilates Teaser - Prior to lifting of the arms and legs, the deep myofascial system is activated to stabilize the TPC.   Joseph Pilates aptly named the core the “powerhouse”...
The 6 Pilates Principles

The 6 Pilates Principles

   A pilates exercise shown on the reformer     While considerable diversity exists in the ways that Pilates is practiced and taught today, six principles derived from Joseph Pilates’...
Trigger Point Therapy - Pilates

Trigger Point Therapy - Pilates

  Pilates using a Reformer         A Strong Core May Help Prevent Active Trigger Points   Pilates emphasizes your body’s core and is great discipline for helping to avoid...
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