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Healing Massage Diploma

Designed as a detailed guide and reference for massage and manual therapists at all skill levels, this course is sure to enhance your understanding and practice of healing massage techniques.

Foundation in Gua Sha

Immerse yourself in the ancient world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with our comprehensive Gua Sha course, meticulously designed for holistic health practitioners.

Foundation in Sports Nutrition

Foundation in Sports Nutrition with Stephanie Hnatiuk – an exceptional online course designed for healthcare and fitness pros, as well as anyone who works with athletes at just about any level.


Thoracic Mobility

Gain in-depth knowledge of shoulder mobility assessments and their relationship to thoracic mobility. Learn best-practice strategies to address these issues effectively in your clinic.

Thoracic Junction

Dive into the intricate world of cervical thoracic junction with this comprehensive online course presented by renowned physical therapist and athletic trainer, Sue Falsone PT ATC.

Understanding Hypermobility

This comprehensive new course is presented by former dancer and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) expert Dr. Linda Bluestein M.D. Designed for healthcare and fitness professionals.


Injury Free Running

Immerse yourself in nearly two hours of engaging video classes, accompanied by a 230-page, fully illustrated workbook. Stephanie delves into the core aspects of injury prevention in running.

The Vital Psoas

In this new course for Dr. Beth Wagner PT demonstrates how to keep your clients psoas in balance through specific exercises designed to strengthen and utilize this amazing muscle.

The Pelvic Floor

Revolutionize your approach to women's health with this comprehensive online course, presented by renowned physiotherapist and women's health activist, Sonja Forster PT.

Sports Massage - Lower Limb

Dive into the world of sports massage with "Sports Massage for Treating Lower Extremity Injuries," a comprehensive online course presented by Robert "Bob" McAtee.

Guide time: 4-6 hrs

Orthopedic Cupping

This comprehensive course presented by Dr. Joi Edwards, covers key theories and physiology, safety, assessment, cupping techniques and application and step-by-step treatment protocols.

Guide time: 8 hrs

Body Biomechanics

This course presents the role and function of myofascia in normal gait, and the most efficient biomechanical paths that take advantage of the properties of myofascial chains.

Guide time: 4 hrs

Hatha Yoga

In this course you will learn how yoga can be used to regulate the autonomic nervous system, build strength, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. 

Guide time: 4-6 hrs

Dry Needling

This NAT Foundation course is designed for the student of dry needling, or the experienced practitioner who wishes to learn new techniques and current best practices.

Guide time: 8 hrs

Foundation in Podiatry

Designed for healthcare and fitness professionals, this course is your stepping stone to a deeper understanding of foot health, a vital but often overlooked aspect of overall wellness.

Guide Time: 10-12 hrs

Podcasts qualify for home-study CE/CPD!

Fusion Healing Massage

Bringing together Eastern and Western understandings of the body, health, and wellness, this Healing Massage course defines and details 40 medical conditions, highlighting any contraindications to massage, and presenting step by step massage therapy protocols.

Shoulder Master Class

This meticulously developed course delves into the complexities of the shoulder, showcasing treatment and rehabilitation techniques that Sue has accumulated and refined over decades of working with leading athletes from around the globe.

Yoga Foundations

Welcome to "Yoga Foundations: An Alternative Approach to Wellness," a transformative course specifically designed for manual therapists, massage therapists, and other healthcare and fitness professionals. Presented by Vern Tsing Ong.


Trigger Point Therapy

This course is ideal for certified/qualified manual therapists who wish to expand their TrP knowledge further within their scope of practice.

Guide time: 10+ hrs

Movement - Menopause

Phillipa Butler discusses the menopause in detail, the symptoms, the long term health consequences and how Pilates can help to alleviate them.

Guide time: 10 hrs

Muscle Energy Techniques

Step by step instructions for assessment and application of Muscle Energy Techniques for main muscles groups and common musculoskeletal injuries.

Guide time: 4 hrs

Pregnancy Massage

This course is for therapists who wish to gain a further knowledge of pregnancy massage, and those who are looking to provide safe and effective pregnancy massage as a speciality.

Guide time: 5 hrs

Low Back Pain

Covers: biopsychosocial model, subjective assessment, objective assessment, special tests, clinical reasoning, treatment planning and application, comprehensive case study.

Guide time: 8 hrs

Strength and Speed

Discover a whole new world of anatomy learning in the comfort of your home with this pioneering online course presented by acclaimed chiropractors Dr. Ann Frockomer & Dr. Kathy Dooley

Guide time: 3 hrs

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