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Foundation in Gua Sha

Disclaimer and Warning Notice

The techniques demonstrated in this course may only ever be performed by a suitably qualified healthcare professional.

Taking this course does not grant you any form of license to practice manual therapy. Do not practice any form of manual therapy unless it falls within your professional scope of practice.

Depending on where you practice, you may be required by law to meet certain criteria for practicing manual therapy, even if you are a qualified medical or healthcare practitioner.

If you are not sure about the laws and regulations governing the practice of manual therapy in your area, you must make the necessary enquiries to ensure that you meet any and all requirements that may be in place.

If you are unsure, please contact your professional organization or licensing board.

How to Complete This Course

1.  View the video tutorials in the video player above in the order they are listed (where applicable).

2.  Study the course workbook in your own time, in tandem with the video classes, or as directed. 

3.  Review all of the course material several times to ensure understanding.  You will be examined on all course material.

4.  Complete the course exam. 

5.  On passing the course exam you will receive an email with your certificate which you may download and print. 

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

1. Historical and Cultural Context:
1. Trace the historical roots and cultural significance of Gua Sha.
2. Understand the foundational principles underpinning Gua Sha as a therapeutic technique.

2. Basic Techniques and Application:
1. Identify the tools commonly used in Gua Sha and demonstrate their proper usage.
2. Apply the basic strokes and techniques of Gua Sha on various parts of the body.

3. Physiological Effects and Therapeutic Benefits:
1. Describe the physiological responses induced by Gua Sha, such as increased circulation.
2. Recognize the therapeutic benefits associated with Gua Sha, including pain relief and relaxation.

4. Safety and Contraindications:
1. Identify potential risks and contraindications associated with Gua Sha therapy.
2. Ensure safe practice by assessing the suitability of Gua Sha for different clients based on their health history and current conditions.

5. Advanced Techniques and Tailored Application:
1. Integrate advanced Gua Sha techniques for specific ailments or conditions.
2. Tailor Gua Sha treatments based on individual client needs, taking into account factors like pain threshold and skin sensitivity.

6. Integration with Other Therapies:
1. Understand how Gua Sha can complement other therapeutic modalities.
2. Incorporate Gua Sha into a holistic treatment plan, optimizing outcomes for clients.

7. Client Education and Post-Treatment Care:
1. Educate clients on what to expect during and after a Gua Sha session, including potential side effects like petechiae.
2. Provide guidance on post-treatment care, ensuring clients understand how to maintain the benefits of the therapy.

8. Professional Ethics and Continuous Learning:
1. Uphold ethical standards in the application of Gua Sha, ensuring client comfort and dignity.
2. Pursue continuous learning and stay updated with emerging research and techniques in the field of Gua Sha.

By the end of the "Foundation in Gua Sha" course, participants will possess a comprehensive understanding of Gua Sha's principles, techniques, and therapeutic applications. They will be equipped to safely and effectively integrate Gua Sha into their therapeutic practices, providing clients with an ancient yet profoundly relevant modality for healing and well-being.

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Course Assessment

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