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Foundation in Sports Nutrition

Disclaimer and Warning Notice

The techniques demonstrated in this course may only ever be performed by a suitably qualified healthcare professional.

Taking this course does not grant you any form of license to practice manual therapy. Do not practice any form of manual therapy unless it falls within your professional scope of practice.

Depending on where you practice, you may be required by law to meet certain criteria for practicing manual therapy, even if you are a qualified medical or healthcare practitioner.

If you are not sure about the laws and regulations governing the practice of manual therapy in your area, you must make the necessary enquiries to ensure that you meet any and all requirements that may be in place.

If you are unsure, please contact your professional organization or licensing board.

How to Complete This Course

1.  View the video tutorials in the video player above in the order they are listed (where applicable).

2.  Study the course workbook in your own time, in tandem with the video classes, or as directed. 

3.  Review all of the course material several times to ensure understanding.  You will be examined on all course material.

4.  Complete the course exam. 

5.  Apply for your certificate.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

1. Fundamental Knowledge of Sports Nutrition:
1. Define and differentiate between macro- and micronutrients, understanding their roles in athletic performance and recovery.
2. Explain the importance of hydration in sports, recognizing signs of dehydration and its impact on performance.

2. Dietary Supplementation and Athlete Health:
1. Identify commonly used sports supplements, their purposes, and their potential benefits and risks.
2. Offer evidence-based recommendations on supplementation tailored to an athlete's specific needs and goals.

3. Tailoring Nutrition Plans for Athletes:
1. Develop individualized nutrition plans based on an athlete's specific sport, training regimen, and performance goals.
2. Recognize the unique nutritional needs of athletes at different levels (amateur to professional) and adapt guidance accordingly.

4. Practical Application in Real-World Scenarios:
1. Utilize the tools and resources provided in the 320-page illustrated workbook to craft actionable nutrition strategies.
2. Assess and address potential challenges athletes may face regarding nutrition and provide feasible solutions.

5. Engaging with Video Content:
1. Analyze and incorporate insights from Stephanie's 2-hour video content, which delves into sports nutrition fundamentals.
2. Implement practical advice, tips, and techniques demonstrated in the video sessions to optimize athlete performance and wellbeing.

6. Holistic Approach to Athlete Wellbeing:
1. Promote a balanced relationship between food, exercise, and mental health, recognizing the interconnectedness in relation to athletic performance.
2. Educate athletes on the significance of nutrition not just for performance but also for overall health and long-term wellbeing.

7. Continuous Learning and Professional Growth:
1. Reflect on the teachings and vast experience of Stephanie Hnatiuk, integrating her expert knowledge into their own practices.
2. Stay updated with emerging trends and research in sports nutrition to provide athletes with the most current and effective guidance.

By the end of the "Foundation in Sports Nutrition" course, participants should have a comprehensive understanding of sports nutrition principles, practices, and their practical applications. With this knowledge, they will be well-equipped to guide athletes in achieving optimized performance, better health, and sustainable wellbeing.

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Course Assessment

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