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  • Stand with legs together, holding onto side of table
  • Bend knee of the leg closest to the table slightly
  • Bend body / trunk towards the side that the knee is bent
  • Hold for 30 secs
  • Repeat on the opposite side


How Often?

Repeat three times, twice daily


Primary muscles: Tensor fasciae latae. Gluteus medius and minimus.

Secondary muscles: Sartorius.


Injury where stretch may be useful: Trochanteric bursitis. Iliotibial band syndrome.


Note: It is important to keep your body straight and upright during
this stretch, instead of bending forward. Try to concentrate on pushing your hips away from the object you are leaning on. Make sure to choose a sturdy object to lean on that can take your weight.









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Kalh said:

Wow great selection of stretches! I am an avid runner and get sore lower body tightness from time to time. I enjoy the well thought out exercises and how detailed they are in targeting specific muscles in the body. It reminds me of my anatomy class but in motion!

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