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About NAT Home-Study Courses

NAT courses are designed to provide continued education for qualified therapists, healthcare workers, and exercise professionals.

Whether you are new to trigger points, or have been working with TrPt's for years, NAT courses provide you with the latest evidence-based treatment techniques and advanced learning materials from some of the worlds leading manual therapists.

Each course is fully illustrated, easy to study, and designed to deliver practical knowledge that you can apply immediately in your practice.

NAT Certification and Continued Education Credits

NAT learning credits are applied to each course. By completing the required number of credits you may qualify for NAT Levels 1-3 Certification.

Most NAT courses are also accredited for CEU/CPE/CPD credits.

Where to start?

We recommend starting with the Trigger Point Therapy Diploma Course.

This course is available as a low-cost starter-pack, or can be purchased together with other NAT courses in a number of value-pack options. See below.

How to certify NAT?

In order to certify NAT you will need to complete the exams that apply to each course that you take.

All NAT exams are completed online using our online exam portal where you can create an account to save your answers as you go along. This means that you won't need to complete any exam in one sitting.

Print or Digital Editions

All NAT courses are available as either Print or Download editions. If you choose to order a print edition, you will automatically also receive the download edition.

This enables us to provide you with free copies of any future updates (most courses are updated at least once per year). 


In addition to customer service support, we provide comprehensive clinical support to every NAT member.

NAT trained clinicians are always on hand to help you through the learning process, or to provide guidance with any aspect of NAT treatment.


Student Testimonials


Trigger Point Therapy Education Award

News - Team NAT receives prestigious "Excellence in Education" Award at the 33rd Annual NAMTPT Conference, Chicago, 10/2017




Michele Santos-Launay said:

I am looking for someone in my area 21075 to do this technique on my frozen shoulder and I am not able to access the neilasher.com website. How can I find someone in my area that does this NAT technique?

Mridula said:

How can I learn Trigger Point therapy? I am in India, Gujarat- Ahmedaabad

Hala Kalaji said:

Are there any prerequisites for taking these courses and what are the fees
Thanks in advance

Norma Mahanty said:

If I decide to take one of your online courses how do I send my payment . I live in Mumbai, India.
Thank you

lizzy said:

Hi, Im wondering if these courses are acknowledged in the UK and accepted by insurance providers? There ae a few I am interested in. I am ITEC qualified with various other certs, Thanks

ادير said:

I want a helper. We do not have a shipping card in Algeria

Remo Rittiner said:

Hello ,

my name is Remo Rittiner practicing and also teaching manual therapy in the yoga therapy field since 17 years . I know the books from Niel Asher and like them a lot .What course would be the right for my manual therapist who have done a one week course already in golgi and trigger points . I would try the course first and then recommend it as affiliate . I have trained more then 1000 yoga teachers and therapist in europe . Looking forward to hear from you Remo Rittiner www.ayuryoga.ch

Sarah said:

Can you please direct me to the cannabis medicinal course

Good A said:

I’m a football coach for U10 & U16 how could it may help ur therapy course ? It’s do you feel this course will helpful for me?

sandeep kurale said:

I have chosen 4 courses( Programs) and in the Option of Cart it shows 4 programs, but it does not open neither it takes us to the payment option page.
kindly guide

Mihaela Banica said:

Hi, what are the shipping costs to România for the books ordered

Gizachew Ayenew said:

Message : Im Expert in Medical therapy for the last 10yrs .now I went counting my education in medical therapist .if as possibilities .thanks ….

Kim Lauro said:

Hi there! I’m a level 2 Fascial Stretch Practitioner and an NASM personal trainer. Do I need a massage therapy license in NYS to deliver this type of manual therapy? Thanks! Looks great!

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Scraping, a manual, ancient practice where pain points are worked with a gua sha (smooth-edged tool), reportedly increases blood flow by up to 400 per cent more than foam rolling and massage guns. By breaking up old, damaged blood vessels to promote new growth and healing, these tools are useful for getting into the nooks and crannies of a pain point, especially in delicate areas like along the shin muscles and under the foot.

Tim Tian has taken the scraper idea and supercharged it, creating a manual, triangular tool that blends heat and vibration therapy. “Cold blades stiffen muscles, blocking a deep release,” he says.

The heated scraper device takes just three seconds to reach 50ºC. This helps muscles soften, making it easier to massage away tension, increase blood flow and promote healing. The scraper is specially great for alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in the quads, and provides a relaxing switch-up from the foam roller slog.