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Wood Crafted Trigger Point Tool Set #1 (3 Piece)

$21.95 $39.95

The "Index Knobber" Pressure Tool Set consists of three wood Index Knobbers each with a different tip. One with a ball, one with a cone and one with a cap tip.

Each tip offers a different depth of contact point to the body. The cap tip is for precision in tight, small spaces such as between vertebra and intrinsic muscles of the hands and feet.

The cone is also for precise pressure and is suitable for compression of the muscles of the forearm, hands, feet, spine and shoulder.

The ball tip offers the most diffuse pressure and is best used for larger, thicker muscles of the leg, shoulder, back and chest.

All wood (except the cap tip is made of vinyl). Lightly finished with a thin coat of polyurethane. Recommended for use over light clothing. Not recommended for use with creams or lotion. Wipe clean using warm water and mild soap. Air dry between use.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Wood Crafted Trigger Point Tools


Wood Crafted Trigger Point Tool Set: $21.95


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