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Understanding the Vital Glutes (3 hrs)

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Unlock the Power of the Glutes with Dr. Elizabeth Wagner DPT

Are you a manual therapist or fitness professional seeking a comprehensive understanding of the vital role the glutes play in the lumbopelvic region? Look no further! Our in-depth online course, "Understanding the Vital Glutes," presented by Dr. Elizabeth Wagner DPT, is your gateway to mastering the science and art of gluteal function.

Course Highlights:

Harness Gluteal Power: Join Dr. Elizabeth Wagner as she unveils the secrets behind the glutes' role in providing stability, power, and balance in the lumbo-pelvic region.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Delve deep into the anatomy, biomechanics, and functionality of the gluteal muscles. Understand how they impact everyday movements and influence the overall musculoskeletal health of your clients.

Testing and Assessment: Learn best-of-practice techniques for assessing gluteal strength, flexibility, and function. Develop the skills to identify imbalances and inefficiencies that can affect your clients' well-being.

Functional Exercises: Discover a wide range of effective exercises and drills that target the glutes, tailored for functional movement and rehabilitation. Enhance your toolkit to address a variety of client needs.

Why Choose "Understanding the Vital Glutes"?

In-Depth Knowledge: Dr. Elizabeth Wagner's expertise is your key to gaining a profound understanding of the glutes' significance in musculoskeletal health and rehabilitation.

Engaging Video Classes: Dr. Wagner's dynamic teaching style ensures complex concepts are accessible and engaging, making learning enjoyable and effective.

Comprehensive Course Text: John Gibbons' expert contributions complement the course, providing you with a comprehensive reference to reinforce your learning.

Accessible Anywhere: Enjoy the flexibility of online learning. Access the course materials from anywhere, at your own pace, and apply your newfound knowledge immediately in your practice.

Elevate your expertise and become a trusted authority in addressing lumbo-pelvic stability, power, and balance. Whether you're a manual therapist or fitness professional, "Understanding the Vital Glutes" is your path to achieving better results for your clients and enhancing your professional journey.