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TCM Fire Cupping (5 hrs)

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"TCM Fire Cupping" Online Course with Dr. Constance Bradley L.Ac

Embark on an enlightening journey into the ancient art of Fire Cupping with our meticulously designed course, "TCM Fire Cupping," led by the renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) expert, Dr. Constance Bradley. Rooted in the timeless traditions of TCM, fire cupping has stood the test of time as a holistic wellness technique that continues to fascinate and benefit many.

Course Highlights:

  • A Comprehensive Learning Experience: This immersive 5-hour course comprises 2.5 hours of engaging video classes presented by Dr. Constance Bradley. Gain hands-on knowledge, insights, and expertise directly from a leading figure in the world of TCM.

  • Safety Protocols: Kickstart your learning journey with a detailed guide to safety. Learn about the essential precautions, the right equipment, and the best practices to safeguard both the practitioner and the recipient.

  • Detailed Demonstrations: Benefit from meticulous, step-by-step video demonstrations, ensuring you acquire a thorough understanding of how to safely implement fire cupping techniques.

  • Deeper Understanding: Delve into the principles behind fire cupping. Comprehend why it's done, how it impacts the body, and the specific points of application for maximum therapeutic effects.

  • Illustrated Workbook: Accompanying the video lessons is a fully illustrated course workbook, enriching your learning experience. The workbook delves into the nuances of fire cupping, offering visual aids and written explanations to reinforce your understanding.

Target Audience:

This course is tailored for those already versed in TCM or allied manual therapies, looking to diversify their skill set and offer a broader range of treatments to their clients.

Critical Advisory: Fire cupping is a nuanced therapeutic method demanding specialized expertise. It should be attempted exclusively by therapists who have undergone proper training and only when it aligns with their professional scope of practice. Incorrect implementation can lead to injuries. It's vital to be comprehensively equipped, in terms of both theoretical knowledge and practical skill, before trying these techniques.

Expand your therapeutic repertoire and provide an enhanced healing experience to your clientele by mastering the age-old art of TCM Fire Cupping with Dr. Constance Bradley.