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Sports Massage Master Course (7 hrs)

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Sports Massage Master Course - Lower Limb

Dive into the world of sports massage with "Sports Massage for Treating Lower Extremity Injuries," a comprehensive online course brought to you by NAT Global Campus and presented by the highly experienced sports massage therapist and best-selling author, Robert "Bob" McAtee.

This expertly designed course sets out to deepen your understanding of lower extremity injuries common in athletes, including chronic ankle sprain, Achilles tendinopathy, fibularis tendinopathy, hamstrings strain and tendinopathy, adductor strain, and jumper’s knee (patellar tendinopathy). More importantly, it equips you with practical skills and techniques to tackle these conditions effectively, enhancing your treatment outcomes.

Learning objectives of this course include:

  1. Understanding and identifying the signs and symptoms for each condition covered in class.
  2. Gaining proficiency in performing the appropriate assessment tests for each condition.
  3. Mastering the application of various massage techniques including broad cross-fiber strokes, pin and stretch techniques, isolytic contractions, and deep transverse friction strokes.
  4. Listing and addressing perpetuating factors for each condition.
  5. Identifying and suggesting appropriate self-care strategies for each condition.

Each module is thoughtfully created to ensure a comprehensive learning experience, whether you're a seasoned therapist looking to expand your skillset or a student eager to delve into sports massage therapy.

With Bob McAtee's extensive experience in the field, you're guaranteed expert instruction and real-world insights that will enhance your practice and professional development. Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming a sports massage therapy expert.