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Soccer Specifics - High Performance Therapy

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Course Description

Soccer Specifics shows how it's no longer acceptable for therapists to chase injuries around the body.

Today's therapist needs to understand the nature and demands of the game as it applies to players anatomy, and to know how to assess asymptomatic muscle imbalances in order to help their clients avoid injury and enhance performance.

What's Included?

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Course Notes


Full color illustrations

Video Classes

12 Video Classes presented by Stuart Hinds

HD quality video accessed via our Virtual Classroom (password provided)

Watch anytime online on any device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone)

Online Exams  and Certification

Online Exam comprising multiple choice questions

NAT Certification - For more information click here

See table below for other CEU accreditations

Exam does not need to be completed in any one sitting. You may save your answers as you go along and return to continue at any time - internet connection required



Manual Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Trigger Point Therapists, Body Workers, Athletic Trainers, Exercise and Fitness Professionals.


CEU Accreditations

Canadian Massage Therapists (CMMOTA formerly RMTA) - Alberta 1 CEC
NAT Credits 10
CE Hours 1


Note:  If you are unsure that the new skills taught in this course are within your scope of practice, please check with your local licensing board.


Soccer Injuries Course