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Tension Headache and Trigger Points (4 hrs)

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Tension Headache and Trigger Points

Unveil the intricate world of trigger points and their profound link to tension headaches. Presented by the esteemed Dr. Jonathan Kuttner, this course provides a comprehensive dive into the anatomical and clinical aspects of trigger points associated with headaches, emphasizing Tension Type Headache (TTH).

Key Features

  • In-Depth Video Classes: Dr. Kuttner meticulously breaks down the anatomy related to tension headaches, showing the direct correlation with trigger points. With clear demonstrations and explanations, these videos will guide you through assessment, treatment, and client education processes.

  • Comprehensive Course Workbook: This course comes with a 175-page fully illustrated workbook, detailing the main types of headaches associated with trigger points. Dive deep into the intricacies of each headache type, with a special focus on Tension Type Headache.

  • Treatment Protocols & Tips: With the included treatment protocols, gain hands-on knowledge on the most effective ways to treat and manage tension headaches. Learn about the specific trigger points involved, their locations, and the best techniques to address them.

  • Self-Help Guidance: Equip your clients and patients with empowering self-help advice. This course emphasizes preventive and maintenance routines that individuals can integrate into their daily lives.


  1. Improve your therapeutic outcomes by understanding the root causes of tension headaches.
  2. Boost client satisfaction by offering evidence-based, targeted treatments.
  3. Stay at the forefront of massage and manual therapy practices with current and comprehensive content.

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Join countless professionals who have benefited from this course. Delve deep into the world of tension headaches and trigger points, and equip yourself with knowledge and skills that can truly make a difference.

What's Included?

  • Trigger Points for Headaches Course Workbook
  • Video Classes presented by Dr. Jonathan Kuttner
  • Online Exams  and Certification
  • Lifetime Access


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