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Trigger Point Therapy - NAT Certification Course (10 Hrs)

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Trigger Point Therapy - NAT Certification Course

Dive deep into the world of trigger point therapy with the comprehensive online certification course meticulously designed for aspiring and seasoned professionals. Led by renowned pain specialist and trigger point therapy maestro, Dr. Jonathan Kuttner MD, this course is a culmination of decades of expertise, research, and hands-on experience, providing a holistic approach to pain alleviation.

1. Course Modules:

  • Treating the Lower Back (3.5 hrs): Gain a profound understanding of the intricacies of the lower back, exploring its anatomy, common pain sources, and effective trigger point therapy techniques.
  • Treating the Rotator Cuff (4 hrs): Delve into the complex structure of the rotator cuff. Discover the root causes of pain in this region and master the techniques to alleviate it.
  • Treating the Arm and Elbow (2.5 hrs): Equip yourself with the knowledge and techniques to address common arm and elbow ailments through precise trigger point interventions.

        2. Interactive Online Video Classes: Dr. Kuttner's engaging video sessions not only impart theoretical knowledge but also demonstrate practical applications, allowing learners to witness and replicate the expert's techniques.

        3. Comprehensive Illustrated Workbooks: Each module comes with a detailed workbook, filled with illustrations and in-depth explanations. These act as your go-to reference, aiding in understanding, revision, and application of the techniques.

        4. Certification and Examination: Upon completion of each module, learners can take an online exam to test their knowledge and skills. Successful candidates will receive a NAT certification, a testament to their mastery in trigger point therapy.

        Why Choose the NAT Certification Course?

        Whether you're looking to begin your journey in trigger point therapy or aiming to elevate your existing skills, this course is your ideal companion. Its comprehensive approach ensures that you not only understand the theory behind the pain but also master the techniques to alleviate it. With Dr. Kuttner's guidance, the NAT certification will become an invaluable asset in your professional journey, setting you apart in the world of therapeutic treatments. Join today and step into a new dimension of holistic healing!

        Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) 10 CEU's
        Canadian Massage Therapists (CMMOTA formerly RMTA) - Alberta 5 CEC's
        Massage Therapists (MMA - formerly AAMT) 10 CPE
        Massage Therapists (MTAM) 10 CEU's
        College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC)  10 CE Hours
        Iowa Board of Chiropractic (IDPH)  10 CE Hours
        American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 10 CE Hours
        Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC)  10 CE Hours
        College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) 10 CE Hours
        Alabama Board of Physical Therapy 10 CE Hours
        Alabama State Board of Occupational Therapy (OT/OTA) - CE Broker  (“Patient Related”) 10 CEs
        Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners (OT/OTA) - CE Broker (“Related to the Clinical Practice of Occupational Therapy”) 10 CEs
        Florida Board of Massage Therapy (LMT) - CE Broker (“General”) 10 CEs
        Georgia Board of Massage Therapy (LMT) - CE Broker  (“General”) 10 CEs
        Georgia Board of Nursing (LPN/RPN) - CE Broker (“General”) 10 CEs
        Georgia State Board of Occupational Therapy (OT/OTA) - CE Broker (“General Continuing Education”) 10 CEs
        Tennessee Board of Massage Licensure (LMT) - CE Broker (“CE relevant to the practice of Massage Therapy”) 10 CEs