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Equine Massage - Horse Massage and Stretching (5 hrs)

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Equine Massage - Horse Massage and Stretching

This course designed for massage therapists and those passionate about enhancing the health and performance of horses.

Whether you're a professional massage therapist or someone with basic familiarity with horses and a desire to learn, this course will provide you with comprehensive insights and skills needed to effectively massage and stretch horses.

Presented by Leda Mox, a renowned equine manual therapist, this course features exclusive footage filmed at her stables in Minnesota. Leda's expertise, accumulated over decades of dedicated work in the field, shines through in every lesson, providing students with a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry.

Course Highlights:

  • Horse Anatomy Overview: Gain a solid understanding of horse anatomy, essential for providing effective massage and stretching techniques.
  • Step-by-Step Horse Massage Tutorials: Learn the intricacies of horse massage with Leda's expert guidance. Understand the techniques, benefits, and application of horse massage, allowing you to deliver targeted treatments that can enhance relaxation, alleviate muscle tension, and promote overall well-being.
  • Horse Stretching Techniques: Discover the importance of stretching for equine performance and flexibility. Follow step-by-step instructions to master various stretching techniques that can help improve a horse's range of motion, reduce the risk of injury, and contribute to overall mobility.
  • 100-Page Fully Illustrated Course Workbook: Dive deep into the course content with a comprehensive workbook that complements the video lessons. Explore detailed illustrations, charts, and written explanations to reinforce your understanding of the material and assist you in mastering the art of horse massage and stretching.

This course is a valuable investment for those looking to improve the well-being of horses, whether for professional or personal purposes. Leda Mox's extensive knowledge, coupled with a structured curriculum and supporting workbook, creates an accessible and immersive learning experience for students of all backgrounds.

With a blend of theory and practical application, "Equine Touch - Horse Massage and Stretching" equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective massage and stretching treatments for horses, contributing to their overall health and performance.

Join us in this enlightening journey into the world of equine manual therapy, and discover the rewarding experience of making a positive impact on the welfare and lives of horses.


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