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Therapeutic (Fusion) Massage for Sciatica

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Therapeutic Massage for Sciatica

Delve into the world of specialized massage therapy with our "Deep Tissue Massage for Sciatica" online course. This comprehensive course is aimed at therapists who aspire to enhance their knowledge of sciatica-focused deep tissue massage and those who are keen to offer sciatica treatment as a unique service.

This 2-3 hour course introduces Fusion Massage, an innovative approach merging traditional Eastern and Western deep stroking techniques to treat prevalent conditions. Specifically, this course provides exhaustive, step-by-step treatment protocols for addressing sciatica and associated pain, fostering your expertise and confidence in providing specialized therapy to your clients.

The course presenter, Maureen Abson, is an esteemed figure in the massage therapy field. With over twenty-five years of teaching experience, she imparts a wealth of knowledge and unique techniques drawn from her extensive practice. Maureen has cultivated her own style that blends fascial release, deep tissue massage, and gentle focused pressure, with a structured approach to treat hands, feet, and head, thereby releasing tension from the entire body.

Maureen operates a thriving clinic in Northern England and shares her expertise worldwide, teaching in regions such as the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, and Israel.

The "Deep Tissue Massage for Sciatica" course invites you to access Maureen's insightful teachings and innovative methods. Enhance your understanding of sciatica and its treatment, and elevate your skills to provide high-quality, targeted therapy. Begin your journey today to stand out in your therapeutic practice.

About the Course Presenter

Maureen Abson has more than twenty-five years teaching experience. In the course of her practice, she developed her own style combining fascial release, gentle focused pressure, and deep tissue massage with a structured focus on treating hands, feet, and head to be able to release tension in the rest of the body.

Maureen Abson runs a busy clinic in the North of England, and travels extensively to teach in the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, and Israel.

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22 online video classes presented by Maureen Abson

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