Soft Tissue Therapy for Nerve Entrapments

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Bowen Advanced - NAT Certification Course (7 hrs)

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Bowen Therapy Advanced with John Wilks MA RCST FRSA

Step into an immersive learning experience with our "Bowen Therapy Advanced" course, meticulously curated for those eager to explore the depths of Bowen Therapy. Presented by the distinguished John Wilks, a renowned authority in Bowen Therapy, this course is meticulously designed to amplify your skills, understanding, and application of this therapeutic modality.

Course Highlights:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from John Wilks. With over 25 years of experience and a plethora of published works, John stands as a beacon of expertise in Bowen Therapy. His profound insights ensure an enriching learning journey.

  • In-Depth Content: The course proudly offers over 3 hours of video classes, all led by John Wilks. These sessions, featuring live patient models, allow students to see the techniques in action, offering a practical, hands-on learning perspective.

  • Comprehensive Textbook: Complementing the video content, you'll receive a 160-page fully illustrated textbook. This resource provides a deeper dive into the theory and application of advanced Bowen techniques, serving as a valuable reference long after course completion.

  • Advanced Techniques and Applications: Beyond refreshing your foundational knowledge, the course delves into advanced Bowen Therapy principles. With a keen focus on conditions like lower back pain, sciatica, and the unique needs of new mothers and babies, you'll gain a nuanced understanding of adapting Bowen techniques for specific challenges.

  • Continuation of Learning: This advanced course seamlessly follows "Bowen Therapy Basics," also expertly presented by John Wilks. For those desiring a complete and holistic understanding of Bowen Therapy, combining both courses offers an unparalleled educational journey.

What You'll Gain:

  • An intricate understanding of advanced Bowen techniques.
  • Expertise in customizing your approach to cater to specific conditions and client profiles.
  • Enhanced confidence in expanding the range of issues you can address using Bowen Therapy.

Whether you're a seasoned Bowen practitioner or a fervent learner eager to expand your knowledge, "Bowen Therapy Advanced" promises to be an enlightening and enriching chapter in your professional journey.