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A Practitioner's Guide to Clinical Cupping


Cupping, a therapeutic practice using cups on the skin to create a vacuum and decompress underlying tissue, has long been used in Chinese medicine and other traditions as a regular part of holistic treatment.

Today, physiotherapists—and sports medicine therapists—use cupping to loosen soft tissue, stimulate a vascular response, and prime the nervous system to reduce pain and enhance physical rehabilitation.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping provides a concise, practical, and easy-to-understand guide to safe and effective cupping techniques, integrating up-to-date research on physiology, neuroscience, and biomechanics.

Physiotherapist Daniel Lawrence—known for his popular cupping training courses in the UK—includes all the information a new practitioner will need to get started, including a basic history and theoretical overview of cupping; how to apply and remove cups, and how long to leave them on the skin; how to use oils and creams to assist “glide cupping” techniques, and more.

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