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This workbook complements Ruth Hull’s companion text, 
The Complete Designed for use both in the classroom and as a home study resource, this Guide to Reflexology, Second Edition but can also be used in conjunction with updated and expanded textbook provides all the information necessary to any other reflexology textbook, and is the perfect study and revision aid for meet or exceed the curriculum requirements of all the major international anyone studying reflexology up to Level 3.

Ican be used eithein class or aseparate self-study resource, and contains:

  • Over 80 illustrations for the student to label or colour.

  • A section in which students are guided through developing there own revision and self-study notes that will help them both understand and memorise their work.

  • Exercise that test the students knowledge in diffrent ways - colouring in and labelling diagrams, matching columns, filling in gaps, problem-solving exercises, crosswords, word searches, and true\false exercises.

  • A series of questions designed to inspire students to think about how they will  practice once qualified. 

  • Mock exam papers -10 exam papers containing multiple-choice questions which cover the entire reflexology syllabus.

Dr Ruth Hull has been working in natural health since 1999 as a therapist, lecturer and writer. Born and educated in Zimbabwe, Ruth holds a degree in philosophy and literature as well as a master’s degree in health and homoeopathy. She studied and practiced complementary therapies in London and worked as a homoeopathic doctor and lecturer in South Africa.

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