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Este blog de terapia de puntos gatillo está destinado a ser utilizado únicamente con fines informativos y no está destinado a ser utilizado para un diagnóstico o tratamiento médico ni para sustituir un diagnóstico y/o tratamiento médico prestado o prescrito por un médico o profesional de la salud competente. Esta información está diseñada como material educativo, pero no debe tomarse como una recomendación para el tratamiento de ninguna persona o paciente en particular. Consulte siempre a su médico si cree que necesita tratamiento o si no se siente bien.

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Scraping, a manual, ancient practice where pain points are worked with a gua sha (smooth-edged tool), reportedly increases blood flow by up to 400 per cent more than foam rolling and massage guns. By breaking up old, damaged blood vessels to promote new growth and healing, these tools are useful for getting into the nooks and crannies of a pain point, especially in delicate areas like along the shin muscles and under the foot.

Tim Tian has taken the scraper idea and supercharged it, creating a manual, triangular tool that blends heat and vibration therapy. “Cold blades stiffen muscles, blocking a deep release,” he says.

The heated scraper device takes just three seconds to reach 50ºC. This helps muscles soften, making it easier to massage away tension, increase blood flow and promote healing. The scraper is specially great for alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in the quads, and provides a relaxing switch-up from the foam roller slog.