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Dr Constance Bradley L.Ac. PhD

New TCM Courses with Dr. Constance Bradley

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Constance Bradley to the NAT Global Campus teaching faculty!

Dr. Bradley is an acknowledged expert on acupuncture and western integration of TCM, and we are honored to have her share her knowledge and expertise with our community.

Last week, we had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bradley in our studios in North Carolina, where we completed filming some of her incredible courses.

Her professionalism and expertise made the process a true pleasure, and we're confident that her courses will be of great value to our students.

Stay tuned for the launch of these new acupuncture and TCM courses! We're excited to share Dr. Bradley's knowledge and insights with our community and can't wait for you to see what she has to offer.

Welcome to the team, Dr. Bradley!

NAT Global Campus Win A Book Competition

Attention all anatomy whizzes!

Do you think you've got what it takes to ace our 'Anatomy IQ Quiz'? Test your knowledge and stand a chance to win amazing prizes, thanks to our friends at Lotus Publishing!

This month, we're giving away 25 fantastic books from Lotus Publishing PLUS $1000 worth of free CE/CPD courses! All you need to do is score 90% (that's 9 out of 10 questions) on our random multiple choice anatomy quiz to be entered into the prize draw.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to prove your Anatomy IQ and snag some exceptional rewards. Winners will be announced and notified on June 5th. So what are you waiting for? Get quizzing and good luck!

erica suter msc

NAT Sports Welcomes Erica Suter MSc!

Erica is a former college and professional soccer player who has spent the last decade forging a name for herself as a leading and highly respected Youth Speed, Agility, Strength, and Conditioning Coach. Based in Tampa, Florida, Erica brings to our platform her wealth of knowledge, years of hands-on experience, and a unique perspective on athletic training and performance enhancement.

Erica's educational background is as impressive as her practical experience. She received her Master of Science in Exercise Science and Sports Performance Enhancement from the renowned John Hopkins University Baltimore. Her qualifications include a USSF “C” License, NSPA Certified Speed And Agility Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a USA Weight-Lifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW L1).

We are confident that Erica's knowledge and experience will greatly benefit our students. Stay tuned for new courses presented by Erica, which will be available on NAT Global Campus later this year.

Steven Thomas Podiatrist NAT Global Campus
steven thomas MSc MRCPOD

NAT Global Campus Welcomes Podiatrist Steven Thomas!

Steven Thomas MSc MRCPOD presents the new NAT Foundation in Podiatry course for healthcare and fitness professionals. This course is your stepping stone to a deeper understanding of foot health, a vital but often overlooked aspect of overall wellness.

As part of our global community of learners, you will delve into the intricacies of the foot and ankle's anatomy, learn how to recognize common foot and ankle conditions, and know when to refer patients for specialized care. Moreover, this course goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical treatment techniques that you can integrate directly into your practice or modality.

100,000 subscribers

Celebrating Our YouTube Silver Creator Award!

We are over the moon to announce that the NAT Global Campus YouTube channel has received the prestigious YouTube Silver Creator Award for surpassing 100,000 subscribers!

We celebrate not only the growth of our channel but also the growth of our community and the impact we've made together.

Mike McGurn NAT Global Campus

Strength and Conditioning

Known for his no-nonsense, hard working attitude, Mike McGurn helped guide St Helens to the elusive treble - Challenge Cup, Super League and World Club Champions in the 2000/2001 season.

2002 saw him make the move back to Ireland after being head-hunted by Eddie O’Sullivan to join the national Rugby Union team as Head of Strength and Conditioning. In his tenure of 8 years he totally revolutionised the training structures and systems of the squad laying the foundations for what has become the most successful Irish Team ever.

Having worked for the All Blacks and Manchester United since then, Mike is currently lead Strength and Conditioning Coach at Queens University Belfast, responsible for all of the Strength and Conditioning for rugby football, Gaelic hurling and rowing teams.

Cursos en línea NAT

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Disfrute de acceso gratuito a más de 60 000 blogs, videos y artículos relacionados con el masaje y casi todas las formas de medicina manual. Busque o filtre por músculo o condición para descubrir el contenido más reciente y acceder al archivo completo gratuito.

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Secretos de la sala de tratamiento

Dani Marks de NAT salta de ciudad en ciudad para encontrarse con invitados del mundo de la medicina deportiva, el entrenamiento atlético, los masajes y los fisioterapeutas, todos con historias que contar y listos para revelar lo que realmente sucede en las salas de tratamiento.

Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo.

Anatomía del estiramiento

Hemos agregado más de 3,5 horas de video nuevo a este curso para complementar el libro de trabajo del curso de 200 páginas completamente ilustrado. Ideal para terapeutas de masaje, terapeutas manuales. Profesionales del fitness. OT, OTA.
NASM, AFAA, NCBTMB CEU Acreditado. Haga clic para ver los detalles del curso.


What to Expect from the NAT Global Campus and OTP Partnership

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with On Target Publishing (OTP), a leading lifestyle and healthcare publishing company.

This collaboration joins a series of successful partnerships that NAT Global Campus has established in recent years, including with Lotus Publishing in the UK and Colorado based Sentient Publishing. These alliances have significantly expanded the range and depth of NAT Global Campus' educational offerings, making it a preferred choice for personal trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other professionals in the health and fitness industry.

On Target Publishing, known for housing some of the most influential minds in the strength & conditioning and physical medicine fields, will contribute its wealth of knowledge and expertise to the partnership. Together, NAT Global Campus and OTP will develop fresh, insightful continuing educational materials to further enhance the learning experience for students.

Dr Turner Osler MD NAT Global Campus
dr. turner osler m.d.

The Perils of Passive Sitting

Trauma surgeon, epidimiologist and emeritus Professor at Vermont University, Dr. Turner Osler presents the concept of active sitting and explains how incorporating it into your daily routine can counteract the perils of passive sitting.

He discusses practical strategies for transitioning towards an active sitting lifestyle, including the use of innovative ergonomic furniture and simple exercises you can do right at your desk.

This webinar is a must-watch for anyone concerned about the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on their health. It offers valuable insights for healthcare professionals, office workers, remote workers, and anyone who sits for extended periods.

Dr joi edwards dpt pt

Orthopedic Cupping

Introducing the NAT Diploma Online Course: Orthopedic Cupping for Lower Limb with Dr. Joi Edwards DPT PT

Discover the power of orthopedic cupping with this comprehensive NAT Diploma course, "Orthopedic Cupping for Lower Limb," presented by expert instructor Dr. Joi Edwards PT. This course is designed for therapists of all experience levels, whether you're new to cupping or looking to enhance your existing skills.

Dr. Joi Edwards is a distinguished physical therapist and massage therapist with a wealth of experience in orthopedics and manual therapy working with elite athletes. Dr Joi shares her holistic approach as she teaches on a wide range of modalities that she uses daily in her clinic.

Phillipa Butler PT NAT Global Campus
phillipa butler pt mscp hcpc aacp

Lower Body Biomechanics

What can we do when the simple act of walking, jogging or running goes wrong?

Should we wait until our clients experience pain or problems before we intervene and what are our treatment options when gait goes awry?

This course will help you understand the role and function of myofascia in normal gait.

We present the most efficient biomechanical paths that take advantage of the properties of myofascial chains.

We present the ‘essential events’ required to take place for ideal technique to be achieved and learn what commonly goes wrong.

You will learn a variety of tools and techniques to restore efficient movement and decrease the incidence of injuries. 

Dr Elizabeth Wagner PT NAT Global Campus
Dr Elizabeth Wagner DPT PT

The Vital Psoas

As modern-day populations grow more sedentary, psoas-related lower back and hip pain, and the ailment of "sitting too much," are on the rise. Even the most active of athletes can suffer from psoas imbalance and pain.

In this new post grad/CE course for 2023, Dr Beth Wagner PT demonstrates how to keep the psoas in balance through specific exercises designed to strengthen and utilize this amazing muscle, and presents its vital role in the emotional and spiritual state of the human being.

This course offers a unique holistic approach to the psoas and is suitable for both manual therapy and fitness professionals.

Dr Elizabeth Wagner DPT PT earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Puget Sound. She has also earned a certificate of competency in vestibular rehabilitation and is certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.


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