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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Include Core Muscle Exercises in Your Fitness Routine

The core muscles (around the pelvis and trunk) need to be in good shape - and deserve more attention than the occasional push-ups and sit-ups. 

Exercising these muscles should play a really important part of any well-rounded fitness program. Don't neglect them, and don't take them for granted. 


Developing and Maintaining Strong Core Muscles Will Improve The Way You Cope With All of Your Daily Physical Activities - and Help Avoid the Onset of Active Trigger Points

Improving Balance and Stability

By implementing regular (daily) simple core exercises, you can help train the muscles in your lower back, pelvis, hips and abdomen to work together in harmony.

This will ultimately provide you with better balance and stability in just about all of your daily activities.

It's not just sports and athletic activities that depend on strong and efficient core muscles - it's just about any form of activity that you perform in your daily life.

No specialized Equipment Required

Core muscle exercises include just about any exercise that target your abdominal and back muscles in a co-ordinated manner.

Whilst there are many ways of using weights, fitness ("Swiss") balls, and other equipment to work on the core, there's also loads of simple exercises that don't require anything more than your time and a little floor space!

Some examples of core exercises include planks, push-ups, bridge, and various forms of sit-ups.

See the video above for a 5-10 minute core strengthening routine that you can even do in bed.

Improved Quality of Life

Having a strong and efficient core will make it easier to perform most physical activities whether it's kicking a soccer ball, massaging clients all day, or reaching for an item on a high cupboard in your kitchen.

Conversely, a weak core may result in bad posture, a higher level of fatigue, reduced endurance, active trigger points, and leave you more susceptible to injuries (especially back pain).




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Tim Tian has taken the scraper idea and supercharged it, creating a manual, triangular tool that blends heat and vibration therapy. “Cold blades stiffen muscles, blocking a deep release,” he says.

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