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The thing about troublesome clients is that if you’re spending all your energy keeping them happy, you won’t have the time or energy to attract more A+ clients.

So while it may seem harsh or irresponsible to weed out clients that make life difficult for you, the reality is that they’re preventing you from doing your best work.

And here’s the thing – just because these clients are not the right ones for you, that doesn’t mean that they’re not the right clients for someone else. They may well be someone else’s perfect client. So you’re not doing them any favors by continuing to keep them on. You might even be helping them and others!

But don’t worry, we’ll be going over ideas to weed your garden in compassionate ways later. For now, you just need to profile your dream clients, and your troublesome clients. What are the things that define these two groups of people?

So, after you download the form in the box below, you need to set out in writing who your best clients are. Who are the clients that you look forward to seeing?

Describe them – what do they have in common? Is there a particular type of service that you provide them? Do you have any initial ideas of where you could find more clients like these?

This is brainstorming. Let yourself go into free flow. Think positively. 

Then do the same exercise for your more troublesome, or less favorable clients. What do they have in common? Are there any warning signs you get at your first meeting?






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