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Order by Phone (USA) 1 800 741 5716





Congratulations. Pat yourself on the back!

You’ve done the work to start creating a business that is going serve your best clients fantastically, and makes the best use of your unique talents.

So what’s next?

Well, there’s a natural evolution in this process. After a few years of doing your best work with a select group of clients, you may notice a kind of best work emerging in yourself.

It may be teaching, or a new specialty or area of interest.

Keep your eyes open for this, and when you become aware of it, get ready to do this process all over again and take your skills and business to the next level.

We wish you all the best. We thank you for taking the time to work through this course, and we hope and pray that it turns out to be one of the best investments in time and money that you've ever made!

We're always here to talk ...

Team NAT



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