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So in the box below, make a list of where your ideal clients are likely to appear. This comes from what you already know about them.

Ask yourself – what hobbies do they enjoy? What sports do they or their kids play? What events do they attend?

Then make a plan to show up in these places. I’m not talking about networking, or even showing up with a sales pitch. It’s more about having a presence where your ideal clients are likely to be.

If you have an A+ client who plays in local golf or tennis tournaments, try to go along to add support. 

If you have an A+ client who is a regular at a local gym ... try popping along to the gym and introducing yourself to some of the personal trainers and other staff there.

Introduce yourself to the ministers of churches and other houses of worship in your area where you know you have A+ clients.

Let them know who you are and what you do. You may not belong to their church, and you may not even follow the same religious beliefs, but you are part of a community, and you offer valuable services within that wider community. 






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