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Take the next 10-20 minutes, and brainstorm ways that you can under-promise and over deliver in your practice.

Think of at least 5 ways you can unexpectedly delight your customers. 

I once had a lovely meal with my family in a quiet little restaurant. We were delighted with the ambience, the food, the service, and even the price. What could be better?

After we settled the check and were about to leave, the owner presented us with a box containing one of their house special apple pies. 

So there we were, having had all of our expectations met "completely" ... when suddenly the business owner exceeded our expectations. 

We have revisited that restaurant many times, and have recommended it to tons of people. It goes without saying that we also took the time to leave a great review on their website.

So what are the little things that you could do that would exceed your clients expectations?

If you happen to have a spare room, try turning it into a "Calm Space" where clients can go and relax for a short while after their treatment. Not everyone has access to the space required for this, but if you do, it's a terrific way of exceeding your clients expectations.

Small gifts are a wonderful way to show appreciation. Many trigger point therapists give simple massage tools to their clients for self-help. This a wonderful way to exceed the expectations of your A+ clients. Massage tools are relatively inexpensive, and they last for years. So it's something that you only have to do once. 

I know one therapist who keeps a big bag of shiny new tennis balls in her room. She gives these out to her clients together with a small leaflet showing how effective a tennis ball can be for self massage. 

One more idea (to help you with that brainstorming) is this ...

Try to record or remember some of those special individual requirements that many clients have.

For example, there are those that might always ask for the window to be opened slightly. Next time that client visits, exceed their expectations by pre-empting the request and having the window open just as they like it.

Download the form from the link below, and start thinking about the little things that you could do to exceed your clients expectations.







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