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There are over 60,000 NAT certified therapists in 29 countries including:

USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Iceland, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Israel, Lebanon, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Greece, Macedonia, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Russia, Sweden and Norway.  


Lee Whitesell, Massage Therapist, Jesup, Indiana

Amazing customer service! Responds very fast and resolved any issue immediately. Great courses, great products, great prices. I’m running out of courses to take because I love all of them so much!

Mohammed Mawjood, Athletic Trainer, Al Reem Club, Mesaieed, Qatar.

I Just finished the Treating the complex Shoulder NAT Master Course. The course is amazing, and enjoyable. I'm planing to purchase more courses to boost my skills and my CV. Customer Service is awesome! Thanks a lot.


Olivier Vanhuysse, Personal Trainer and Paramedic, Met Sportieve Groeten, Belgium

I just would like to thank you for the very well made content of your courses and video’s.As a product manager for a chain, I see a lot of crappy content when it comes to on line courses, yours are definitely not one of them. I purchased the trigger point course as I also work in a paramedical center as personal trainer. By buying this course, I received content and access to you sport injury course, and the stretching course. This is under promises and over deliver service, it’s becoming rare into the health sector. I’m enjoying the studying !


Norelle Lyer, Licensed Massage and Cupping Therapist. Sumter, South Carolina

I run my own small practice and I specialize in treatment and athletic massage. I purchased the NAT Trigger Point Therapy Master Collection, the digital download. I really enjoy having the ability to print out the material or read it on my iPad or computer. The material is very well written and very informative. Having the digital version with the videos right there with it is an awesome addition as well. I highly recommend this course!


Jordan Addleman, Licensed Massage Therapist, Virginia

I Just did the Anatomy of Pain and Anatomy of Stretching CEs. NAT is on top of the game! So informative and clearly spelled out. These trigger point lessons have taken my massages and self care to the next level! Highly recommend the Neil Asher CE packs.


Melch Palacios, Certified Massage Therapist, Hawthorne, California

NAT trigger point works! I learned about neuroplasticity in my studies, so this clearly made sense to enhance my skills! Thank you for sharing! With your permission, I'll continue learning to continue healing! #NAT works ...


Jamie S. Wyatt, Licensed Massage Therapist, Northport, Alabama

Great course and very informative. I originally worked with Athletes Performance (Andrews Institute) and I learned a lot from the PTs there in post op rehab. After reading the Niel Asher Technique, I love it, and this course information will help me in becoming a better ortho therapist! Thank you! I look forward to more of your courses.


Gretchen Porier, Licensed Massage Therapist, Sheridan, Oregon

Great trigger point courses and found it all very useful and applicable to my work!


Silva Rashida Schuldt, Osteopath, Bedfordshire, UK

I did this course in April last year and it has revolutionized how I treat my patients - not only for shoulder problems but also for all other areas of the body. Hands down the best CPD course I've ever done!


Pauline Soares, Licensed Massage Therapist, Metairie, Louisiana
Took this course. Its great and I learned a lot. I have used trigger point therapy on clients for years, but this really goes into detail. Was well worth it.


Sean Konrad D.C., Chiropractor, Pennsylvania, USA

NAT has really enhanced my approach to soft tissue treatment. Thank you!


Tamara Buchanan, Massage Therapist, Maricopa, Arizona

I just got this trigger point course in the mail a couple days ago and it is amazing! So much info on trigger points... Pictures, protocols, client self care, etc. This will be a valuable resource for my practice. Highly recommend!!


Audrey L Holston, Massage Therapist, Crawfordville, FL, USA

I just finished this trigger point course and I love it!


Dan Stroup, Licensed Massage Therapist, NY & CT, USA

This training was valuable for my growth in massage therapy 


Tony Poland, Instructor of Sports & Trigger Point Programs at IPSB, Los Angeles, California

Of all the trigger point textbooks out there, this is the one I use for my course at IPSB. It's the best textbook by far.


Jules Harper FdSc, MFHT, MNHMA, Massage Therapist, Shrewsbury, UK

My clients have been enjoying relief after having had their trigger points worked on, what would I do without NAT!


Michael P. Ganci CNMT, LMT, Massage Therapist, St. Petersburg, Florida

I found the course very informative and well written. I also want to thank you for responding to my questions and the re-tests for the Master course.


Alison Angier, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, Brisbane, Australia

I bought the frozen shoulder course and found it very informative and useful. Have had clients for treatment for it. Still treating them and they are getting better. Very happy with the materials thank you. Have just ordered a bunch of more NAT courses.


Mal Williams, Sports Massage Therapist, Wales, United Kingdom

Another very useful trigger point course from NAT!


Tanya Wolf, Massage Therapist, St. Coud, Florida, USA

Love the way you all are helping us make the best of our careers with these trigger point courses! Looking forward to my certification!


Demelza Ellis, Massage Therapist, Cornwall, United Kingdom

I have just joined with Niel Asher to list my practice after purchasing some of your courses a few months ago. I'm extremely impressed with the results I'm getting with these trigger point techniques.


Nicola Johnson, Massage Therapist, Berridale, NSW, Australia 

Received everything immediately and very impressed with what I received!


Josanne Landry, Registered Massage Therapist, Moncton, New Brunswick

I first became interested in Neil Asher's trigger point therapy techniques when a patient of mine brought in the "Treat your own Frozen Shoulder" book and asked me to do what it said. I am always interested in learning new things and so I read it. After trying the technique I was amazed at the result in one session. I've been wanting to take these courses ever since. I signed up and am very pleased with the courses/resources so far. Thanks.


Sarah Roberts, Registered Massage Therapist and Osteopath, Ontario, Canada

Very well done trigger point program. I am a registered massage therapist and Osteopath here in Canada and I just love those who work hard to improve others. Thank You for your work.


Martin McGurk, Massage Therapist, Londonderry, Ireland

I would like to say that I found the NAT trigger point training course very educational and interesting. I am considering purchasing "Treating the complex Shoulder Master Class" next. Thank you.


Suzanne Lautz Singh, Massage Therapist, Bodyworker, Anderson, Cincinnati

Neil Asher Technique is a game changer!


Darlajean M Griffiths, Licensed Massage Therapist, Florida

I am using NAT trigger point therapy protocols in my practice. Amazing results consistently. Not a paid spokesperson but a massage therapist of 26 years. No other treatment comes close to these results.


Kim Ward, Licensed Massage Therapist, Alabama

I was able to significantly help a client with frozen shoulder over six weeks of treatment with your trigger point techniques. We both thank you very much! 


Dea Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist, Long Beach, California

Thank you for your good, quick customer service. Also, I want to say that I think the material is great - very clear. I use trigger point therapy in my practice all the time and this material just expands my ability and helps my clients so much.


The osteopathic Practice, Leamington Spa, United Kingdom

I qualified as a Niel-Asher Trigger Point Therapist some years ago and have found this approach very helpful.


Michael Coffee, Licensed Massage Therapist, Colorado

NAT is amazing. I've used it, tested it, and approve this technique. Great information and amazing customer service.


Andy Eckley, Soft Tissue Therapist, Lancashire, UK

I now understand how to tape correctly as the instructions and videos were excellent. I have never understood the value in tapping but now I understand that it will improve results after NAT sessions. What I also really like is that NAT is so open and honest in their teachings and learning trigger point therapy techniques from you has changed my practice immensely.


Silva Schuldt, Osteopath, United Kingdom

I just wanted to thank you as I have been extremely impressed with your techniques. I also bought your trigger point book and that too provides me with a valuable resource.

I am now treating trigger points on my patients on a daily basis and am frequently using your NAT sequences on various injuries with great success.


Laura Dinsmore, Denney Massage Therapist, Chico, California

Fantastic trigger point course, referred to me by a phenomenal Sport Chiropractor. Good stuff!!


Martin Bates, D.C. Chiropractor, California

Just wanted to write a note and say thanks for your help. This patient responded wonderfully well. He was sore for about a day after his session, but told me that his ROM returned, his night pain went away, and he is having less grabbing at the bursa when he reaches forward. He was very impressed, as am I. You really offer something great here. 


Joyce Niven, Bowen Therapist, Australia

I’ve worked as a Bowen Therapist in Western Australia for the last 10 years and have treated a number of people over that time with the Bowen version of frozen shoulder with definitely some success.

My partner, Jeff, was suffering from a frozen shoulder, and neither myself nor our local and well respected physiotherapist were able to make any real progress with him. Then I found your trigger point treatment programme!

From the first treatment there was definite improvement, and within only a few sessions there were dramatic results. At present he has no pain, and almost full range of movement back.

Since then I’ve had the privilege of treating several others with your methods, mostly in the early stage of pain, especially at night and sleeping, and with sharp nerve pain on certain movements and the beginnings of restricted movement. In each case the turnaround has been a wonder to behold, and I choose to believe that we have averted a far more painful and possibly long term problem.

So, from me and each of my clients, I offer you a heartfelt thank you!

Debbie Smith Osteopath, United Kingdom

Having used NAT techniques for the past 8 years, I can vouch for their effectiveness. NAT far exceeds the results achieved with standard osteopathic techniques when treating complex shoulder conditions.


Jonathan Reynolds PT, PhD, Minneapolis, USA

I first heard of your trigger point techniques through an osteopath colleague here in Minneapolis and have been practicing NAT for several years, mostly with very good results, and in some cases, staggering results. 

Douglas Kennedy D.C. Colorado, USA

NAT is by far the best trigger point technique that I have learned in years!! 

Meta Pike, Osteopath, United Kingdom

I have been using NAT for years and became NAT Masters Certified in 2012. I recommend your trigger point techniques to my colleagues and patients wherever possible and always look forward to your webinars.


Gillian Lonsdale, Osteopath DO, ND, MRN, United Kingdom 

I am writing to give you  feedback on NAT techniques as I've been using them with our patients over the past  two years. In short, NAT has revolutionised our treatment  of patient's at our clinic, it's so  rewarding  to have my patients getting  better much faster  and seeing them freed from painful and debilitating problems as full resolution arrives. 


Suzanne Stanley-Smith, Osteopath, United Kingdom

NAT is brilliant.  I am having such success with it. Such a joy to be able to treat and cure such a painful & disabling condition as frozen shoulder. I cannot believe how quickly my patients are recovering.  Thank you again. 


Will Brightman, Chiropractor, United States

So far we are having great success with your trigger point techniques. Thank you for your support. 


Anne Szumanski, PT, Philadelphia USA

Your trigger point method continues to prove successful, time and again. What continues to amaze me is the number of problems – that can be addressed and alleviated with the use of NAT. The other noteworthy point for me is the ‘cosmic oddity’ of so many shoulder ailments appearing in my office. Thank you so much again and again for sharing your talent.

Jeff Morrison, Osteopath, Sydney, Australia

I was in India about 2weeks ago, i implemented your protocol into our program. We see at least 1 frozen shoulder every day , some days more.

Our Indian physiotherapists were blown away by the ease of delivery and the ROM outcomes.

Our surgeons looked at your article but i was hopelessly distracted with trying to organize another hospital.

I will catch up with them at the end of the month and try and put together some figures on the outcomes.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your protocol and help a lot more Indians.


Jonathan Artiles, Personal Trainer, USA 

I would like to say that I love your website! Your information is extremely accurate yet it is easy enough for anyone to understand. I have been personal training for 7 years and it gets very tedious having to write stretch programs for people. Now I can direct them to your products. Thank you for everything you do! 


Julene Nikolac, Massage Therapist, Washington, USA 

Looks like this is a massage therapists dream come true! Thanks for putting this together. I will send people over to your website! 


Pal Machlis, Patient, California, USA 

I wanted to say that I got cold feet on Prolozone (fairly expensive) and decided to really give NAT a full try. I had my second treatment yesterday and...last night had no night time pain!

Thank you. I think you have done such a service to those of us with this problem. The website is incredibly informative, and the downloads are low-priced and excellent.


Penny Craig, Remedial Massage Therapist, Australia

Thank you so much, such a great resource, super happy with it!


Lawrence Warnock, Massage Therapist, Massachusetts, USA

I just want to thank you for putting up such a useful and informative website on Trigger Point Therapy.  I have been practicing trigger point therapy for over 50 years (yes, I am a very old practitioner). Your site will be an inspiration to young therapists.  


Iris Owen, Frozen Shoulder Patient, UK 

NAT has been totally amazing. It transformed my life! In just 5 sessions I went from not being able to move my arm and being in terrible pain to having more movement and less pain than I’d had in years! An added bonus for me is having a pain free neck as well. I’ve had lots of treatments in the past on my neck and do daily stretches but most days I’d find even concentrating difficult. I feel like I’ve found a religion!

I’ll continue to spread that word whenever and wherever possible.  


Debra Woodell, Patient, USA 

Thanks for your speedy reply and action...am very impressed with everything about your company and am recommending to everyone I know with shoulder challenges...including my PT. 


Korey White Physiotherapist, Mississippi

NAT technique for frozen shoulder is by far the most effective treatment that I have used. I use NAT as a manual therapist in physiotherapy in Mississippi. I would recommend NAT especially to anyone who has lost hope of having a functional shoulder.