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This course is presented by Dr. Jonathan Kuttner (MBBCH, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FRNZCGP, FAFMM)

Dr. Kuttner is a musculo-skeletal pain specialist who has spent the last 35 years working as a doctor in New Zealand and teaching. He is the recipient of the NAMTPT Lifetime Award for Contribution to Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and is regularly featured on national TV and radio.


 Dr. Jonathan Kuttner - a warm welcome to you!


Where to Start?

We've learned over the years that some people prefer to work through the course text before moving on to the videos, whilst others prefer to watch the videos first, and still others prefer to work with both the text and videos in tandem.

The choice is yours! But in any case, please take a few minutes to watch the short introduction above, and the explanation of trigger points video, before you start.


1. Explanation of Trigger Points (4m:25s)

2. Finding Triggers (9m:48s)

3. Ischemic Pressure (7m:54s)

4. Myofascial Release (13m:15s)

5. Taking a Case History (16m:32s)

6. Needling - Zone A (14m.58s)

7. Needling - Zone B (17m:13s)

8. Needling - Zone C (13m:10s)

9. Needling - Zone D (11m:05s)

10. Needling - Zone E (10m:37s)

11. Needling Technique 1 (24m:15s)

12. Needling Technique 2 (23m:05s)

13. Ryodoraku Therapy (12m:09s)

14. Evidence Base (35m:14)

15. Trigger Point Studies (30m:43s)

16. Neuro-Muscular Stretch (10m:55s)


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